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Teaser: "The Picture in the House" 2018

Adaptation of a short story by american horror-writer H.P. Lovecraft. A short film by David Lapuch.
Show credits Show credits
Cast: Pascal Goffin, C.C. Weinberger, Magdalena Wabitsch, Leo Plankensteiner, Matthias Ohner, David Valentek, Angela Schneider, Junes Kainberger, Wolfgang Lampl, Christian Ruck, Titus Probst, Benjamin Hable, Mario Fuchs
Director: David Lapuch
AD: Alexandra Rollett
screenplay: David Lapuch, Alexandra Rollett
DOP: Vincent Seidl
AC: Martin Schneider, Roland Holzer
sound: Gerd Jochum, Bernhard Wintersperger
make-up: Anna Orgler, Julia Styrie
set manager: Andreas Fauler
production: Markus Seereiter

  • #shortfilm

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