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HENX Showreel

HENX film production. Constantly diversified.

Exceptional concepts, with a lot of heart

HENX produces award-winning commercials, image films, animations, documentaries and video content for cinema, TV and web. We focus on innovative ideas and bold storytelling.

Film in all sizes, tailored to your target audience

Ranging from a single commercial to a complete video marketing strategy, HENX offers film production of all sizes. We love entertaining content for social media just as well as longer narrative formats like short film or web series.

Competence in all areas, from idea to marketing strategy

HENX brings your video marketing up to speed! We accompany you all the way from strategy development to the eventual strategic deployment of your video content.

Your customers love film

Video content is one of the most effective kinds of advertising and is essential in modern marketing. Film transport more emotions, requires more attention and has a better value-for-money ratio than other media.
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